Over the years our surveyors have been involved in many different construction surveys: 

1992 Russia Chaicovka construction surveying

1993 Russia, Kursk underground communications surveying

1994 Russia, Kubinka communications and streets surveying

1995 Russia, construction surveys in Moscow

1996 Russia, Nizhny Novgorod, Coca-Cola factory construction surveys

1997 Russia, Moscow, Smolensky Passaž construction surveys

1998 Russia, Moscow, Ikea shop construction surveys

2003-2004 Construction surveys of shopping centre Ylemiste in Tallinn (area 78000 m²).

2005 Railway station hotel construction surveys in Tallinn

2005-2007 Construction surveys of apartment houses of „Ilmarise“ area in Tallinn

2005-2007 Estlink land cable construction surveys.

2008 Sweden, Moskogen power plant construction surveys.

2008 Sweden, Bragegatan bridge construction surveys in Kalmar.

2009 Surveys on construction of the Vanaküla wind farm in Estonia.

2009 Construction surveys of shopping centre „Lõunakeskus“ in Tartu (area 66000 m²).

2010 Estonian Forensic Science Institute construction surveys in Tallinn.

2010 Sweden, all construction survey works at motorway Markaryd – Osby.

2011 Narva Oil Factory in Estonia, construction surveys

2012 Finland, Vantaa, Subway construction surveys

2012 Sweden, Stockholm, Lotta Swärds Grand apartments construction surveys

2013 Sweden, Stockholm, Färnebofjärden apartments

2014 Sweden, Vimmerby, all construction surveys at powerplant site

2014-2015 Sweden, construction surveying services in Kalmar

2015 -2016 Sweden, Nybro, all geodetic construction surveying services at power plant construction

2016-2018 Sweden, construction surveys for new road section of the E22

2018 Construction surveys for new road section in Jönköping, Sweden

2018 Construction surveys at Moskogen power plant site, Sweden